Lesley, Nursery Nurse

I started Pilates after I had back pain,. I had been to see Gerry Scott for physiotherapy, after he helped me with the initial problem he recommended Pilates as a way of preventing a recurrence of my back problem.

Prior to hurting my back pain I had enjoyed various fitness classes, but when I injured my back I could not longer attend my normal classes without aggravating my pain. However, I found I could do Pilates without my pain being aggravated and it actually helps keep my back pain away.

Pilates has improved my back pain and my posture. Particularly with the type of work I do I am often bending and can find myself slouching which was aggravating my back now I know how to maintain good posture and am finding this easier to do as my core strength improves.

After my Pilates class I feel good all over and actually sleep better on the night I have been to class.

I would recommend Pilates to anyone, as it can help with lots of different things. Even if you can not do an exercise Lucy can adapt the exercise to suit you and over time you will build up strength to manage it. There is always a new challenge in class.