how to alleviate the pain of a sports injury using physiotherapy

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Injured yourself playing your favourite sport?

Wondering how to ease the pain of a sporrts injury?

The most important time in treatment of a muscle injury is in the first 24 hours after the injury occurs. This is because when you're injured it is normal for blood vessels to be damaged causing blood to gather and pool around injured soft tissue causing swelling. This increased pressure causes pain and can also slow down the healing process.

Therfore every effort should be made to to reduce the swelling where the muscle injury has occured.

Thats why when waching the big game on a Sunday and you see a top football player injured five minutes later he will be waching the game with a fancy contraption around the effected area of injury cooling the soft tissue but you dont need the fancy equipment.

Here is how to do it at home RICE. No need to start boiling a pan of water though

R=rest I=ice C=compression E=elevation

So sit yourself down with a bag of frozen peas (other veg is also acceptable) wrapped in a tea towel press the peas onto the affected area for no more than 10 minutes at a time reapplying every hour Keep the affected limb up e.g. Prop your foot up on a foot stool. If possible also use a tubi grip for compression until the swelling reduces.

In cases of severe pain seek medical attention immediately. If pain continues for more than 3 days call your Sports Physiotherapist Gerry Scott at Response Physiotherapy Dundee.

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