Reiki treatment 

Reiki for Relaxation with Eileen Christie-Level 2 Qulaified Reiki Practioner

To arrange an appointment call Eileen directly on 07818263543

Come for a Reiki and enjoy a treatment that will ease stress, help you sleep, and relax your body and mind.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) helps balance mind, body and spirit. It is an ancient Japanese complementary  therapy and is completely safe to use alongside other treatments. It means 'Univeral life force'

What happens during treatment?

You remain fully clothed, covered in a cosy blanket. You can lie or sit during treatment. Eileen's hands are placed lightly on, or sometimes just above you to help facilitate a relaxing healing response.

Benifits of Reiki


£35 for an hour treatment

£10 discount for the first 30 clients